As the festival of lights is set to bring along a new year full of new experiences, send love and blessings to your dear ones with Phool Diwali Lakshmi Giftbox. This gift box shares a depiction of the auspicious Lakshmi Poojan, a ritual considered to bring peace and prosperity to every household on Diwali. This pack comes with incense sticks and cones in the fragrances of Indian Rose, Tulsi, Loban, and Nargis, 2 colorful handmade diyas, plenty of enriching properties, and a sweet promise of peace, positivity, and prosperity this Diwali.



PHOOL DIWALI LAKSHMI GIFTBOX- Natural Incense Collection

  • Made from sacred temple flowers and highest quality ingredients offered by nature, each Phool agarbatti is handmade and dipped in natural essential oils. Unlike the synthetic incense commonly available in the market Phool aromatic Incense is 100% natural and charcoal free. 

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